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Hallman Pro RX Kit

Hallman Pro RX Manual Boost Controller
hallman pro rx silver hallman pro

The Hallman Pro RX Kit comes with a ceramic ball, light and heavy springs, 3 feet of hose, mounting bracket, hardware packet and complete installation instructions. The Hallman Pro RX Kit is designed to allow very specific control of boost. The Pro RX kit has a ceramic ball instead of the 316 stainless ball that comes in the Hallman ES and Pro valves. The ceramic ball only weighs a fraction of what the stainless steel balls weighs. This weight difference allows the ceramic ball to act very quickly as it is constantly changing directions during operation. The ceramic ball, in conjunction with the use of a lighter spring will allow very fine adjustment of boost, in half pound increments. The lighter spring is specifically designed for adding only a few PSI of boost over stock, and having a great amount of control over those few pounds.

This kit also includes the heavy spring for those that would like to switch the spring and adjust to more than 5 psi of boost over stock, and still take advantage of the quick-acting qualities of the ceramic ball.

The Pro valve has been designed to not require the use of a lock nut or any type or allen wrench to adjust your boost. Simply turn the adjustment knob and it stays. Another great feature is the fact that the adjustment knob cannot be lost or come out of the valve. Simply put, there is not a potential for overboosting since the adjustment knob cannot vibrate loose and come out.

Hallman Pro RX Kit: $115

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Silver Pro RX Kit:





Refer to our Hallman Installation Guide  for simple instructions.